Module : Stars and Constellations

Stars and Constellations


This module introduces students to what a star is, using our own Sun as an example. Using a night sky simulator, participants then explore how stars can vary in terms of distance, colour, brightness, temperature, size and how heavy they are. In a historical context, we’ll discover how ancient civilisations have long recorded patterns of stars in the night sky, and often associated them with familiar objects and gods. In highlighting a few of the 88 modern constellations, students will gain a basic understanding of how people have navigated by the stars for thousands of years, and of how constellations can change over time. The module ends with an activity for participants to create and share their own constellation.

Age Range

7 – 11


45 minutes

Module Composition
  • Introduction to the Stars – Presentation
  • Exploring the Night Sky – Computer Simulator
  • Introduction to Constellations – Presentation
  • Navigating by the Stars – Practical Activity
  • Create your own Constellation – Practical Activity
Extension Activities

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