Overview of the AfRIS Project

What is AfRIS ?

The Astronomy for Remote and Island Schools Project (AfRIS) is a Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) funded public engagement project to create and manage a mobile outreach team to deliver astronomy-related workshops and activities to schools located in some of the UK’s more remote and island communities.

During the project’s lifetime, the AfRIS team will undertake 40 trips to remote and island locations, and will aim to work with at least 80 schools, both primary and secondary. Through our host organisation, the National Schools’ Observatory (NSO), we’ll work to establish an active online community for students and teachers participating in the project, and support those interested is pursuing science through university and onto an exciting research career.

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The AfRIS Team

  • Chris
    Dr. Chris Leigh

    AfRIS Project Coordinator

  • Stacey
    Dr. Stacey

    NSO Project Manager

  • Clever Chris
    Dr. Chris Copperwheat

    Liverpool Telescope

  • Scott Marley
    Scott Marley

    Science Communicator

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