Module : Solar System

Solar System


This module is a general introduction to the Solar System. After looking in some detail at the Sun and each of the eight planets, students will touch on dwarf planets, asteroids, comets and the Oort Cloud. For older groups (age 11-14) we will also touch on sunspots, solar wind, magnetic fields and aurora. The module includes two practical activities that focus on planetary orbits and size, which will help to consolidate understanding. If time allows, participants will also enjoy a potted history of space exploration, and the current status of ongoing and planned missions.

Age Range

7 – 14


45 minutes

Module Composition
  • Introduction to the Solar System – Presentation
  • Solar System Simulator – Practical Activity (Laptop)
  • Orbital Distances – Practical Activity
  • Play-Doh Planets – Practical Activity
  • Space Exploration – Presentation
Extension Activities

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