Module: Robotic Telescopes

Robotic Telescopes


In this module, we investigate why astronomers need robotic telescopes, and find out how they help us to discover so much more about our changing Universe. By looking in detail at our own robotic telescope, the 2-metre Liverpool Telescope (LT), participants will gain a greater sense of the complexities involved in operating and maintaining a professional telescope. Using the free resources on offer from the National Schools’ Observatory (our parent organisation), we will request a number of observations from the LT, and students will work with and analyse real observations using our own image processing software. A follow-on practical activity will allow participants to combine three filtered observations to create colour images of galactic objects, such as planets, galaxies, nebula and supernova remnants.

Age Range

7 – 11


45 minutes

Module Composition
  • Introduction to Robotic Telescopes – Presentation
  • Let’s Go Observing – Practical Activity
  • Global Robotic Telescope Networks – Presentation
  • Image Processing – Practical Activity
  • 3-colour Imaging – Practical Activity
Extension Activities

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