Module : Mad about the Moon

Mad about the Moon


As our constant companion, the Moon plays a significant role in our lives. In this module, we explore the Moon in more depth, starting with a reminder of the orbital dynamics played out by the Earth, Sun and Moon. We look at formation, tides, and touch on the subject of eclipses, exploring why they don’t happen as often as one might think. By studying a detailed image of the Moon, students will look at a range of surface features, from craters to Mare, and after assembling a giant Moonsaic (or jigsaw), will undertake a practical activity to estimate the height of a lunar mountain. We finish with an overview of past, present and future lunar exploration, and contemplate whether one day we might be taking holidays on the Moon.

Age Range

11 – 14


45 minutes

Module Composition
  • Introduction to the Moon – Presentation
  • In search of an Eclipse – Practical Demonstration
  • Assembling a Moonsaic – Practical Activity
  • Lunar Exploration – Presentation
Extension Activities

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