Module: Introduction to Gravity

Introduction to Gravity


Gravity is one of those fundamental forces of nature that we tend to take for granted, but which continues to have a major impact on our daily lives. We start the module by looking at what gravity actually is, how it is crucial to our very existence, and how it drives many exotic interactions throughout the Universe. We take some time to visualise gravity using our own simulated gravity well, and explore how gravity changes on different planets in our Solar System. Following an introduction to tides, we explore how tidal interactions are not limited to Earth’s oceans and seas. A practical tides workshop then provides an ideal opportunity for students to reinforce their understanding of tidal forces and motion. Older groups (ages 11-14) are also given the opportunity of measuring the gravitational pull here on Earth.

Age Range

7 – 11   or   11 – 14


45 minutes

Module Composition
  • Introduction to Gravity – Presentation
  • Visualising Gravity – Practical Activity
  • Gravity Simulator – Practical Activity
  • Discussion of Tides – Presentation
  • Tides Workshop – Practical Activity
  • Measuring Gravity – Practical Activity for Ages 11+
Extension Activities

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