Module: Galaxy Zoo

Galaxy Zoo


This module investigates the wonderful diversity of galaxies that exist in our Universe. We start by looking back to a time when little was known about galaxies, and then recreate the experiment that finally revealed that these mysterious objects were in fact very far away, and well beyond our own Milky Way. We then look in more detail at the different types of galaxies; and this leads on to a practical activity where participants attempt to classify a set of galaxies using real images. We end with a look at the famous Hubble Deep Field images, in order to give students a better understanding of the sheer vastness of the Universe we live in. We also touch on the idea of an expanding Universe.

Age Range

11 – 16


45 minutes

Module Composition
  • Discovery of Galaxies – Presentation
  • Measuring Galactic Distances – Practical Activity
  • Diversity of Galaxies – Presentation
  • Galaxy Classification – Practical Activity
  • Hubble Deep Field – Presentation
Extension Activities
  • Galaxy Zoo – citizen science project to classify galaxies.
  • Space Engine – a Universal travel simulator.
  • Chromoscope – visualise the Milky Way in different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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