Module : Earth, Sun and Moon

Earth, Sun and Moon


This module introduces younger children (age 5-7) to the idea of a rotating and orbiting Earth, and the concept of night and day. We look at solar shadows and explore how stars also move across the night sky. By introducing the tilt of the Earth, we explore the idea of seasons, followed by a practical activity on how day length changes around the globe. We then move onto the orbital motion of the Moon, and investigate how its shape (or phase) changes over the course of a month. This workshop can be pitched at a higher level and used as a general recap for older children (age 8-11). For such groups, we also touch on gravity, tides and eclipses.

Age Range

5 – 7   or   8 – 11


45 minutes

Module Composition
  • Introductory talk about the Earth, Sun and Moon – Presentation
  • Investigation of Shadows – Practical Activity
  • Night and Day – Practical Activity
  • Why we have Seasons – Practical Activity
  • Lunar Phases – Practical Activity
Extension Activities

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