Module: Introduction to Cosmology

Introduction to Cosmology


This module acts as a beginner’s guide to the complex topic of cosmology. By way of an introduction, students explore the concept of redshift, and see how it led to the idea of an expanding Universe. We then explore further evidence that pointed towards the idea of a Big Bang, such as cosmic microwave background radiation. By bringing together many cosmological theories, we investigate current thinking around the early evolution of the Universe, the problems that such ideas raise, and explore what may happen far into the future. We then introduce the idea of space-time, and investigate some of the strange effects that are thought to occur when objects travel close to the speed of light.

Age Range

14 – 16


45 minutes

Module Composition
  • Beginner’s Guide to Cosmology – Presentation
  • Exploring Redshift – Practical Activity
  • The Expanding Universe – Practical Activity
  • Potted History of the Universe – Presentation
  • Exploring Space-Time – Practical Activity
Extension Activities

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