Visit Report : Tobermory Primary School

School: Tobermory Primary School
Location: Isle of Mull
Date: 23/09/2019
Duration: Full Day
Modules: Earth, Sun and Moon : P1 – P2
Solar System : P1 – P7
Stars and Constellations : P3 – P7
Hunting for Asteroids : P5 – P7
Introduction to Gravity : P5 – P7
Space Exploration : P1 – P7
Pupil Participants: 62
Adult Participants: 6
Visit Activity: 30

The first day of our trip to the Isle of Mull saw us visiting the only primary school in the island’s capital, Tobermory. With 62 pupils, the team ran parallel sessions to ensure that all students received a decent amount of contact time. We started with the P1-2 class looking at the Earth, Sun and Moon, whilst the P3-5 class looked at the Solar System. After that P5-7 investigated the Solar System, whilst P3-5 moved onto Stars and Constellations. Just before lunch, we took the P5-7s off to the school gym to learn about Gravity and see our gravity well in action .. always a favorite. Following lunch, we ran a simplified Solar System chat with the P1-2s (age 4 to 6), whilst the P5-7 class built planispheres in the Stars and Constellations workshop. We finished the day with our interactive Space Exploration talk in the main hall.

After packing up, we had a couple of hours to explore Tobermory before heading off to the nearby village of Dervaig for a community event in the village hall, where we ran a short Nature of Light session, followed by a chat about what’s in the night sky. The promise of astronomy knowledge, or more likely the lure of cake, saw a really good turnout, with 30 members of the community joining us. Lots of questions and fun for us as well.