School Visits

Over the course of the project, the mobile AfRIS team will be visiting 40 remote and island communities, which equates to around one visit every fortnight during term time. For each visit, we aim to work with at least two schools, which could either be on separate days, or if schools would prefer, through both sets of pupils coming together at one of the schools. We know it may not always be possible, but if you are interested in booking an AfRIS visit, then please ask around to see if any nearby schools would like to get involved.

Furthermore, on each trip we would either like to (i) run a community event for parents and members of the local community, or (ii) help your school set-up a science or astronomy club for keen pupils. If you choose to go down the science club route, then through our host organisation, the National Schools’ Observatory, we would endeavour to provide online advice, support and activity suggestions for the duration of the project and beyond.

There will be no charge for AfRIS visits, which are kindly supported by STFC.

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