Visit Report : Brodick Primary School

School: Brodick Primary School
Location: Isle of Arran
Date: 23/05/2018
Duration: Full Day
Modules: Earth, Sun and Moon : P1-3>br/>
Stars and Constellations : P4-7
Solar System : P1-7
Space Exploration : P1-7
Robotic Telescopes : P4-7
Pupil Participants: 63
Adult Participants: 5
Visit Activity:


We got to spend the whole day with Brodick Primary school today, which is the largest town on the east coast of Arran, and where the main ferry arrives. It is also the location of Brodick Castle (National Trust) and of the famous Arran Aromatics. Another glorious sunny day provided wonderful views of the sea, and of Goat Fell behind the school, which is the highest mountain on the island. We plit our time between the younger and older classes in the morning, with both getting to look at the Solar System, but with P1-2 working on the Earth, Sun and Moon, and P3+ looking at the Nature of Light. Both sets were very bright and seemed fully engaged with the information being thrown at them. In the afternoon we worked with the older group in the hall, kicking off with the stars and constellations module, which was closely followed by a session of hunting for asteroids on the laptops. Needless to say, the students were perfectly capable of locating and measuring the speed of asteroids, and hopefully we left them with the impression that astronomers around the world and working hard to keep us all safe from rogue asteroids. At school endf, it was another quick pack-up, then off to catch the ferry back to the mainland and home.