Visit Report : Mont Nicolle School

School: Mont Nicolle School
Location: Jersey
Date: 22/10/2019
Duration: Full Day
Modules: Nature of Light : Year 5 & 6
Solar System : Year 5
Stars and Constellations : Year 5
Hunting for Asteroids: Year 6
Pupil Participants: 96
Adult Participants: 6
Visit Activity:

The first day of our short trip to Jersey was to Mont Nicolle School in the parish of St Brelade on Jersey. Although a school with over 300 hundred pupils, we spent the whole day with the Year 5 and 6 classes, including around 20 pupils from the nearby school at Les Landes Primary. The morning started with both year groups attending a Nature of Light interactive demonstration in the school hall. We then took the Year 5’s through our ‘Solar System’ and ‘Stars and Constellations’ workshops, which involved making scale models of the Solar System out of play-doh, and a planisphere with which to study the night sky.

After lunch, we split Year 6 into two groups, who undertook our ‘Hunting for Asteroids’ activity in turn. This involved pupils working together on a laptop to analyse real images of an asteroid. Once the pupils had departed fro home, we then packed the car and spent a couple of hours exploring Jersey. A busy day, but thoroughly enjoyable.