Visit Report : Pirnmill Primary School

School: Pirnmill Primary School
Location: Isle of Arran
Date: 22/05/2018
Duration: Half Day
Modules: Earth, Sun and Moon : P1-3
Stars and Constellations : P4-7
Solar System : P1-7
Space Exploration : P1-7
Pupil Participants: 14
Adult Participants: 2
Visit Activity:


Today involved visiting two small primary schools on the north side of the Isle of Arran. After an overnight stay at Catacol Bay, we started the day at Pirnmill Primary School, where Chris worked with the P1-3 class, focusing on the Earth, Sun and Moon, whilst Scott looked at star and constellations with the older P4-7 students. They all came together for the Solar System, although more guidance was needed for the younger ones during the hands-on activity – pictured. We ended the day with a brief chat about Space exploration, and then it was a super-fast pack for the 15 mile drive to Corrie on the other side of Arran. Managed to squeeze in a quick stop at the sandwich shop in Lochranza, which is highly recommended. The afternoon was a close repeat of the morning, but this time with the 10 pupils of Corrie Primary school, although we had an hour less, so it was all a bit rushed. Managed to cover Earth, Sun and Moon with the P1-3, Solar System with the whole school and even Robotic Telescopes with the P4-7s. Quick pack up (second of the day) and then off to enjoy Arran in the sunshine, which lasted for our whole trip, and showed Arran in a very good light.