Visit Report : St Anne's School, Alderney

School: St Anne’s School
Location: Alderney
Date: 22/03/2019
Duration: Full Day
Modules: Introduction to Gravity : Year 5 – Year 7
Stars and Constellations : Year 5 – Year 7
Nature of Light : Year 8 – Year 10
Hunting for Asteroids : Year 8 – Year 10
Ask an Astronomer : Year 3 – Year 4
Space Exploration : Year 3 – Year 4
Pupil Participants: 80
Adult Participants: 4
Visit Activity:

For our final day in the Channel Islands, we took the 20 minute flight across from Guernsey to Alderney (with gravity well in tow) to spend the day at St Anne’s School. Arriving the previous evening allowed us to make an early start and also explore the island a little. The day started with the Year 8 to 10s, and saw them investigating the Nature of Light followed by a session of Hunting for Asteroids. After break, we worked with the Year 5 to 7s, and had them creating planispheres in the Stars and Constellations session, followed by an Introduction to Gravity. We partook of lunch at a local eatery and then spent the afternoon with the Year 3 to 4s, which comprised of our space exploration talk, followed by a 30 minute Ask an Astronomer session, in which a variety of challenging questions were hopefully answered.

Flight times meant that we had to finish a little early, but we were soon on a small plane back to Guernsey and it wasn’t long before the big Condor ferry departed back to Poole and then onward to home. A busy, but fun week was had by all, and in the end we worked with approaching 450 pupils.