Visit Report : Plat Douet Primary School

School: Plat Douet Primary School
Location: Jersey, Channel Islands
Date: 22/03/2018
Duration: Full Day
Modules: Nature of Light : Year 5
Solar System : Year 5
Introduction to Gravity : Year 5
Space Exploration : Year 5
Robotic Telescopes : Year 5
Hunting for Asteroids : Year 5
Pupil Participants: 49
Adult Participants: 4
Visit Activity:


After visiting Sark on Tuesday (20/03/18) we had to relocate to Jersey with the car for our two day visit to the most southerly island in the UK. Like the other channel islands, Jersey has it’s own government and school system, although to be honest, it felt little different to any other school in the UK. Our first visit was to Plat Douet Primary School, which was on the outskirts of the island’s capital, St Helier. Although the school had several hundred pupils, we were only down to work with the Year 5 group, which meant we could run a broad range of topics and activities. We started the morning by splitting the year into two groups, and ran the ‘Solar System’ and ‘Nature of Light’ modules with each of them. We then combined in the hall to run the ‘Introduction to Gravity’ and Space Exploration’ workshops. After a fine lunch, we switched to the IT suites, and ran the Robotic Telescope and Hunting for Asteroids workshops with split groups. We had a really good response from staff and pupils today, and although hard work, it was a really enjoyable day.