Visit Report : Noss Primary School

School: Noss Primary School
Location: Caithness
Date: 21/11/2018
Duration: Full Day
Modules: Solar System : P6-7
Stars and Constellations P6-7
Introduction to Gravity : P6-7
Space Exploration : P6-7
Pupil Participants: 108
Adult Participants: 5
Visit Activity:


The second day of our Caithness trip involved a full day visit to Noss Primary School, which again was a recently built school in Wick with some great facilities. With it being a larger primary school than we are used to (400+ pupils), we focused our activities on just the five P6 and P7 class groups. This involved two small-group hands-on activities – ‘solar system’ and ‘stars and constellations’ – interspersed with larger whole-group ‘Space Exploration’ and ‘Introduction to Gravity’ talks in the main gym. The day kept us very busy, but we were happy that all 108 pupils had at least 3 hours of contact time. AT the end of the day, we made to 100 mile drive down to Inverness in good time, and then off on our different paths back home.