Visit Report : St Mary's Primary School

School: St Mary’s Primary School
Location: Jersey
Date: 19/10/2018
Duration: Full Day
Modules: Earth, Sun and Moon : Year 5
Solar System : Year 5
Stars and Constellations : Year 5
Nature of Light : Year 5
Space Exploration : Year 5

Pupil Participants: 94
Adult Participants: 5
Visit Activity:


Our final day on Jersey, sadly, saw us heading through leafy lanes to the small community of St Mary in the north of the island. We arrived to find teachers and pupils turning up in onesies (charity event) on a bright, sunny day. We were again working with year 5 pupils, as space and astronomy just happen to appear in the Jersey curriculum at that stage. We started with a refresher on the ‘Earth, Sun and Moon’, but tried to include a demonstration on orbital motion, as the class has also been working on forces. Following the solar system workshop, which included creating a model of the 8 planets, we looked at stars and constellations. Immediately after lunch, we discovered that the software we needed for the ‘Hunting for Asteroids’ workshop had not yet been installed at the state level, so quickly had to reorganise to run a Nature of Light workshop, where pupils built their own basic spectroscopes. We finished the day delivering our ‘Space Exploration’ talk for the whole school in the hall, which involved around 100 staff and pupils. Due to an early flight, it was then a case of quickly packing-up our equipment and making a dash for the airport to drop Scott off. There was then a little time to explore before heading towards St. Helier to catch the overnight ferry back to Portsmouth.