Visit Report : St George's Preparatory School

School: St George’s Preparatory School
Location: Jersey
Date: 15/10/2018
Duration: Full Day
Modules: Stars and Constellations : Y5 & Y6
Introduction to Gravity : Y5 & Y6
Space Exploration : Y1 – Y6
Robotic Telescopes : Y5
Hunting for Asteroids : Y6
Nature of Light : Y5 & Y6
Pupil Participants: 197
Adult Participants: 10
Visit Activity:


The visit to St George’s preparatory school was the first visit of our October trip to the island of Jersey. After collecting Scott from the airport, we were able to set-up in time for a 9am start to look at stars and constellations, which had pupils from both year 5 and 6 creating their own planispheres, which they could keep and use on the next clear night. After break, we introduced both classes to gravity and then spent a little time recording a segment for Channel Islands TV. Our gravity workshop allowed us to discuss the extreme tidal range seen around Jersey, which at up to 12 metres, are some of the highest flows in the world. The whole school then joined us for a look at Space Exploration, which took us up to lunch. The afternoon was split between the computer lab, where we ran a session on robotic telescopes and asteroids, and the dining hall, where we introduced pupils to the nature of light. All in all, a good start to our Jersey visit, and certainly an enthusiastic and knowledgeable crowd to spur us on our way.