Visit Report : Gairloch Primary School

School: Gairloch Primary School
Location: Wester Ross, Highlands
Date: 09/05/2018
Duration: Full Day
Modules: Solar System : P1 – P7
Observing the Night Sky : P4 – P7
Nature of Light : P1 – P3
Robotic Telescopes : P4 – P7
Hunting for Asteroids : P4 -P7
Introduction to Gravity : P6 – P7
Pupil Participants: 70
Adult Participants: 6
Visit Activity:


Having worked at the High School yesterday, today saw us visiting the next door primary school, which again, seems at the heart of the community, which seems to focus on crofting, tourism, and fishing. It was another early start, and we kicked off with a Solar System talk for the P1-3 pupils, followed by the same for P4-7. After morning break, the older children learnt more about observing the night sky, whilst the younger ones learnt a little more about light. Lunch was taken back at the high school, and then it was straight into computer activities, with both Robotic Telescopes and Hunting for Asteroids modules on the go for all P4 to P7 students; albeit in separate classrooms. We had a little time to talk gravity with the p6-7s, and then it was time to pack-up and head back to Inverness and home via different routes. Once again, we had some fine weather on our travels and were able to enjoy the best that Gairloch had to offer.