Visit Report : Stornoway Primary School

School: Stornoway Primary School
Location: Isle of Lewis
Date: 05/06/2018
Duration: Full Day
Modules: Hunting for Asteroids : P4-5
Robotic Telescopes : P6-7
Nature of Light : P4-5
Space Exploration : P6-7
Pupil Participants: 263
Adult Participants: 12
Visit Activity:


Today was a complete contrast to our remote primary school visit yesterday, with a visit to the largest primary school on the island, in Stornoway. We worked with 263 pupils in total, with the P4 and P5 students looking at the Nature of Light and Hunting for Asteroids on their laptops, and after lunch, the P6 and P7s looking at Robotic Telescopes and Space Exploration. The two of us needed to split up and run multiple sessions with different classes, which meant that there were no more than 30 pupils for each computer session. The Nature of Light and Space Exploration talks were done in the school hall to 130+ pupils on each occasion, which created a good atmosphere. As with yesterday, we had glorious sunshine throughout the day, and got to see the island’s capital in all its glory. After school, it was time for a quick pack, and then headed south on the 90 minute drive to the south of the island, where we were to catch the alst ferry to North Uist for tomorrow’s visit. Stunning views and beaches on the drive down showed why Lewis and Harris are popular destinations with tourists, and mobile astronomy outreach teams.