Visit Report : Rothesay Academy

School: Rothesay Academy
Location: Isle of Bute
Date: 21/02/2018
Duration: Full Day
Modules: Solar System : P7 – S1
Robotic Telescopes : S2
Hunting for Asteroids : S2
Nature of Light : P7 – S2
Space Exploration : P7 – S2
Pupil Participants: 162
Adult Participants: 10
Visit Activity: n/a


Our second day on the Isle of Bute was spent at the academy, and saw us working with the P7, S1 and S2 year groups (age 11 to 14) … some 162 students in all. The ‘Nature of Light’ and ‘Solar System’ was the main focus of the morning, whilst in the afternoon we introduced students to robotic telescopes, and how they can be used to hunt for potentially dangerous asteroids.The afternoon also saw a large group learning more about some of the current space missions on the go, which was part of our wider ‘Space Exploration’ module. Throughout the day we were very looked after by the school, and kept well supplied with tea and food. It must have been a huge undertaking to organise classrooms and transport for so many students over the two days, so a huge thank you must go out to the staff at Rothesay Academy for their efforts and support. We hope the students gained something from our visit.