Visit Report : Rothesay Primary School

School: Rothesay Primary School
Location: Isle of Bute
Date: 20/02/2018
Duration: Full Day
Modules: Earth, Sun and Moon : Pre-5 to P3
Solar System : P4 – P7
Hunting for Asteroids : P5 – P7
Nature of Light : P5 – P6
Space Exploration : P1 – P6
Pupil Participants: 204
Adult Participants: 22
Visit Activity: n/a


The visit saw our mobile team meeting up on the Isle of Bute for two hectic days at our largest schools so far. In the morning, we delivered a varied programme about the Earth, Sun and Moon and the Solar System to a selection of age groups. With two team members, we were able to split up in order to keep the numbers below 50 in each session. We even snuck in a number of older Pre-5’s (around Age 4) to one of the Earth/Sun/Moon sessions, which was a fun 45 minutes that saw the odd rendition of twinkle, twinkle little star from the younger audience. The afternoon saw an introduction to the nature of light for the older pupils, so of whom had just started it as a class topic and were busily taking notes. The end of the day saw us relocate to the huge school hall, where around 170 primary pupils and their teachers were introduced to the subject of space exploration, which gave a potted history of previous endeavours, and an overview of current and future planned missions. From chatting to some of the older pupils, it became clear that many didn’t appreciate quite how much was going on, and seemed excited that they could possibly get involved in future missions after leaving school.