Visit Report : Tiree High School

School: Tiree High School
Location: Isle of Tiree
Date: 09/02/2018
Duration: Full Day
Modules: Solar System : S1 – S2
Stars and Constellations : S1 – S2
Robotic Telescopes : S1 – S5
Hunting for Asteroids : S1 – S5
Nature of Light : S1 – S5
Space Exploration : S1 – S5
Pupil Participants: 29
Adult Participants: 5
Visit Activity: n/a


Our second day on the Isle of Tiree, and today saw us working with the high school. With it being our first secondary school, it was a good opportunity to try out some of our more advanced modules. The day started with a more detailed look at the Solar System for the S1/2s (equivalent to Year 7/8), followed by some Stars and Constellations. After the break, we moved into the main hall to run some laptop-based activities with the S1-S5s. The robotic telescopes activity, closely followed by the Hunting for Asteroids activity, saw students analysing data from our own robotic telescope in the Canary Islands, and looking for rogue asteroids. Following on from lunch, we ran a Nature of Light module, which saw participants building a spectroscope, and finished the day with a look at some of the many exciting space missions that are currently active, or will be blasting off in the next decade. It was a really full day in Tiree, but for us, it was very productive. We can but hope that many students gained something from the whole experience.