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The main focus of the AfRIS project is to deliver astronomy-related workshops and activities to schools in remote and island locations; schools that often find it difficult to access central science facilities and museums, and who rarely receive a visit from an external science communicator. We understand that many remote schools have small rolls and limited funds, however, thanks to funding from the Science and Technologies Funding Council (STFC), the AfRIS outreach team is in the enviable position of being able to offer remote school visits FREE OF CHARGE. All we ask is that schools provide some assistance with planning, and spend a little time helping us to evaluate the impact of our visit.

During each 2-3 day trip, we aim to work with at least two schools, so it would be useful if schools/teachers interested in a visit could approach nearby schools to establish the level of additional involvement, and then help to co-ordinate our visit to both schools.

Whilst visiting your community, we would also appreciate your support in achieving one of the following:

  1. Running an after-school science or astronomy event for parents and members of the local community. More info …
  2. Establishing a science or astronomy club at your school. More info …
How schools and teachers can help with our visit …
  • Provide advice on getting the team to your location – usually via car/ferry.
  • Where standard accommodation (i.e. hotels, B&Bs) is not available, we would appreciate help in finding alternative accommodation. We’d be happy to bunk down in any spare rooms (normally two required) in the community, and are willing to pay for the privilege.
  • Help to arrange and publicise a community event OR to start a science club at your school.
  • Completing a small number of questionnaires (normally less than 10 minutes each) before, during and after our visit, which will help us to evaluate the impact of our visit, and highlight where we can improve for future visits.

If you’re still keen to arrange a mobile AfRIS team visit, then please follow these next steps:

  • First of all, please read our terms and conditions.
  • Establish if there’s another school nearby that would like to be involved.
  • Check availability of the AfRIS team by looking at our visit schedule.
  • Once you have identified a suitable date, please go-ahead and book a visit.

You should receive confirmation and further details within 48 hours.