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Yes, it’s a fancy website, but in a few sentences, what is AfRIS actually about?
  • A couple of keen scientists that are visiting schools in remote and island locations to talk about astronomy.
  • We’ll even bring along a bunch of fancy demonstration equipment to make our talks more fun and to show you science in action.
  • If you’re half-thinking about studying science, then we will happily answer any questions you may have.
  • We’ll chat to you, your teachers and your parents about what it’s like to be a scientist and the kind of jobs available.
  • Even after our visit, we will keep in touch with your school, and even let you use our shiny telescope in the Canary Islands.
Are you coming to my school?

If your school is hours away from the nearest city, or you live on one of the UK’s 210 inhabited islands, then there’s a chance we could be heading your way. Probably best to check with your teacher, or better still, point them towards this website. We will be touring the UK until 2020, so there is plenty of opportunity for your school to arrange a visit.

Ok, so I’m curious about science, what should I do?

Well, we’re glad to say that there are a whole bunch of wonderful resources on the internet for those with an interest in science. But to get you started, why not try one of the following:

One word of advice … if you do see yourself as a scientist of the future, then make sure you work your socks off at school and pay particular attention to science, maths and technology subjects, all of which will be vital to you in a research career.